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Note: This is a completely unique cell spy software and in this review I will be covering every aspect of this application in great detail.

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See the video below for a quick review I had don on some of the features that this software allows you access to.

Riospy Review – Catch A Cheater – Mobile Spying

I do hope that the quick video review has explained a little about this cell spy software list of powerful features and my initial thoughts on the Riospy software. To learn more about this software then continue reading.

On this site I will be covering a number of details about this mobile phone spy software Riospy and I have put some quick links below to go directly to the section you are interested in. I personally would advise that you read the entire review from start to finish.

Anyway lets get on with the review, so read on and if you have any further questions after you have read through all the information below then head to the contact me page and I will do my best to help you out.

What Exactly Is It?

Well Riospy is a to put it in a quick sentence is a unique one of a kind cell phone spy application. Once you have installed this application on any target phone that you wish to spy on you will then be able to collect all sorts of data including read all sms messages both incoming and outgoing, listen in on live calls word for word, track the phone via a GPS tracker and much much more. There is a full list of features and a brief explanation on each one later in this review.

“To put it briefly Rio spy is the most powerful cell phone spy software on the market and comes with the cheapest price I could find”

This software comes with a Quality guarantee and a 100% money back  guarantee. It can literally be installed on all types of phones like iphones, androids, windows devices, blackberrys and many more.

Why I wrote this review?

Okay, so you are aware I personally searched for a descent mobile cell phone spy software in order to keep an eye on my teenage daughter and after wasting money on many crap applications I finally found Riospy. I have written a detailed rundown on why I needed a cell phone spy software and how I came accross this mobile phone spy software on my about me page.

There is a full rundown on why I needed this software on the about me page but I thought I should tell you the main reason I have written this review. When I first started looking for a review on different types of spy software’s I found all sorts of different reviews that all seemed to be written by salesmen.

I found that there were very little reviews out there that I could actually trust and as you will find out I ended up just having to take a punt and bought around 6 different software until I came across one called Highster Mobile which I must say works quite good and is priced well but is a little more expensive than this one.

As you could imagine I had spent quite a lot of money by know and stayed with Highster Mobile for a while. I ended up writing a review on that software and got thanked by a lot of people for the helpful and honest review. I recently came across this software and thought I would give it a try because it had a few different features and I wanted to install it on a different phone. After installing it I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and the support was so much faster than Highster Mobile. I then looked for a review on it to see if I could contribute and mainly found reviews on the Kia Rio car so I went ahead and started to write this review. I hope this review works out to be as helpful as my last one.

The Riospy FREE Trial

Unlike almost all the other mobile phone spy software’s out there they are actually that confident in there product and it’s features that they offer a full no limits FREE trial. How the free trial works is that you can download the entire software and full installation instruction then go ahead and install it on a phone of your choice to try it out.

riospyYou can then try out all the features for 2 days for Free and the support that they give for you is great as well even though you are just trialing it. After the 2 days you will be sent an email saying that the Free trial is about to end and they give you the option to going ahead and purchase the software at a very cheap price like $16 and you can take the option to get it and subscribe for a license for 1 month right up to a 12 month subscription.

I took the trial and was so impressed how quick and easy it was to install which took me about 3 minutes and the support they gave not to mention how all the features that I tested in the 2 days I had it worked so well that I went ahead and bought it. Which I’m very glad that I did.

It’s not all roses, yes it is a great software but there were a couple of things that kind of annoyed me about it and I explain those things a little further on but you will also see that I have put together a large list of the stuff that I loved about it. In the end this software rocks and the good stuff way outdid the bad.

So continue to read the entire Riospy Review below and next I will be going over the the type of people that would benefit from using this powerful software.

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Who Would Need To Use Riospy?

Well really almost anyone who needs to get to the truth about something would benefit from using the Risopy Cell spy Software. Below is a quick video of me talking about the reason why I need riospy and also the types of people that will benefit from using this cell spying software. After the video read on to learn more.

The Riospy Review And Who Would Use It
To be more specific I have listed the top 3 type of people or situations that regularly use this software. Read on to see who.

People In A Relationship To Catch A Cheating Partner.

The most common use for Riospy is when people are suspicious that their partner may be cheating or they know that they are cheating but just simply need to gather some evidence before they confront them.

Riospy EvidenceBeing deceived in a relationship can be a very hurtful situation and using this spy software will enable you to cheaply, quickly and most importantly it’s undetectable so you can keep safe while you get to the truth.

This software is completely undetectable and untraceable so you can find out what’s going on by using one of the many features like listening to calls, read sms messages and track them via GPS all from the safety of your own home or wherever you may be.


Parental Control Of Your Teenagers

This is also a very popular reason why people need this cell spy software and this is also the exact  reason why I got it.

riospy parent controlIn this day and age with every teenager owning a cell phone that has the ability to get onto facebook and internet access it’s very hard to keep a track of them and exactly what they are up to.

With all the influences out there I feel that being able to track your teens with Riospy is a must. This is something that I’m very grateful for as it has helped me keep my 16 year old daughter out of trouble and danger on many occasions.


Keeping Track Of Employees

This particular use has become more and more popular and is really only used by companies that give there employee a cell phone when they get a job.

Riospy for employersIt’s very useful for companies when the employee works on there own and is relied upon to do their job. Their employer in the past has just had to trust that their employees are doing what’s expected of them.

Jobs like couriers, delivery guides, reps and salesmen is some of the more common positions where the cell spy software is used.


So those are just a few types of situations and people that would need to use Riospy. There are many more but for the sake of this review I thought I would list the most common ones. If you would like to learn a little more about me and why I needed to use riospy then click here.

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Software Features

The Riospy application is chock full of amazing features that makes getting to the truth safe and a complete breeze. Once you get this software you personally will have your favorite few features that you use all the time but there are plenty there if at any time you need them.

The video that you can watch below is just me going over the features at Riospy’s main site so you can learn a little more about them before you read my full descriptions below.

Riospy Review – What Features Come With Riospy
My 2 favorite one’s that I found myself using a lot to keep an eye on my daughter was the GPS tracking feature and the feature where you can read all incoming and outgoing sms messages.

Okay so I listed below all the features and a brief explanation of each one, check it out below:

  • Track GPS Location  –  Risopsy comes with the ability to track the location of the target phone with a GPS tracker. This GPS tracker is a live feed in real time and is presented in an easy to see Google map. By having the Google map integrated with the tracker you can see there exact location or address at a glance.
  • Call Spying  –  You can listen in live to both sides of a conversation whether it is an incoming or outgoing call. You will also be able to record the full call to use as evidence later if required. Remember this is a silent and undetectable monitoring software so they will never know that you are listening or recording the call.
  • Sms Message Spy Feature  –  You will be able to monitor and read all text messages sent or received by the target phone. You will even get a hard copy if requires of each text message.
  • Monitor All Internet Usage  –  Riospy will let you check on the exact websites that have been viewed from there mobile device including browser history and length of time on each site. It will also show you which sites have been bookmarked.
  • Address Book Monitoring  –  Gain complete access to the target phones address book and contact list, you will see what’s there and when a contact is added or deleted from there address book. You will also be able to see all the details for each contact as well.
  • IM Spying  –  You can use Riospy to check on all Instant Messages sent or received by the target phone. It includes all the major social IM services like Facebook, What’s App, imessage, twitter and many more.
  • Multimedia File Spying  –  Spy on all photo’s and videos that are stored on the target phone, you can see who’s sent them and if the video’s or photo’s were downloaded and exactly where from.

So as you can see from the above list of features Riospy has everything covered that you could ever need. To read more about these features ans see more details just click on the link below. If you would like to see what features I personally loved about Riospy then Click Here.

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The Stuff I Liked About Riospy

When I first got Riospy and started using it I found a number of things that really impressed me. So as a part of this riospy review I thought I would list some of the good stuff I found when using the cell spy software.

See below for the full list:

  • Setup and Instructions  –  Unlike other software’s that I have tried to setup this one was very easy. It came with a full PDF instruction manual for each type of phone and it also came with a video showing you the exactly step by step process on how to do it.
  • GPS Tracking  –  I loved this feature as I was able to quickly check where my 16 year old was at anytime. I could then ring her and ask her why she was not at school or where she said she would be. I also would drop her off at the movies and she would not actually go to the movies but rather go to some party and I could find out where she was and then catch her in the act of deceiving me. I would have to say that the GPS tracker is my favorite feature.
  • Support and Tech Help  –  The support that Riospy offers is incredible, they give very detailed help and stay with you until the problem has been fixed. There response time was very fast comparedtot he other cell spy software I had tried in the past.
  • Sms Spying  –  This feature was another favorite of mine, my daughter was getting sms messages very late at night and then deleting them but with this I was able to check on who was sending the messages regardless that she had deleted them.
  • Completely Undetectable  –  This was impressive and very important, the software is completely undetectable to the person you are spying on. I feel that this is a must and I would avoid software’s that don’t have this ability.
  • Very Cheap Price  –  Okay this software was the cheapest by far at only $16.99 per month and you only take it up from month to month so it worked out to be very cheap. There was also no risk at all to give it a try because of the free trial that they offer and money back guarantee after the trial ends. I’m very glad that I got Riospy because it works like a charm.

So as you can see I was pretty impressed with Riospy and I still am to this day. The above listed item are things that I personally found great about this software but I’m sure you will find many more features you love when you get the software. It really depends upon your personal circumstances as to what features you use and which ones you love.


What Disappointed Me

So yes there was a couple of things that did disappoint me when it came to Riospy. Although there was very little that I disliked I thought I should add them to this review so you get a clearer picture of what it’s all about.

See below to check out the stuff I didn’t like about Riospy:

  • Unlike other more expensive software you can’t setup specialized alerts on the target phone which would normally allow you to be notified if a specific number that you requested remotely was rung by the target phone or was ringing the target phone.

Okay I know that I did mention that there were a couple of complaints but I really can’t think of anymore than the one above. Everything else about this software is top notch and it does as much if not more than the really over priced software’s out there.

I mean Riopsy really is a complete cell spy software that offer everything except what I listed above and it comes for such a ridiculously cheap price plus you also get a free trial period so I really can’t complain much more.

How Do I Install Riospy?

Welcome back, I have decided to add in a section on how to install the cell spy software Riospy on the target phone. I will give you a basic rundown for both the iphone and an android phone. To get the full Riospy installation manuals then simply enter your details in the form to the right of this website and they will be emailed to you straight away. —–>

I have also put a detailed section on the iphone installation process with full step by step screenshots to help you out further and you can get to that by clicking here or clicking on the appropriate page at the top of this site. I didn’t forget the androids either so you will also find a full installation step by step process with screenshots here for the people who are going to need to install this software on and android phone.

For all the other types of phone you will need to take a look at the full guides or wait till they are sent to you upon purchase.

See below for the brief rundown on both the iphone and android installation process:

IPhone Riospy Installation

riospy apple


Step 1  –  The first thing to do is to download and install the Riospy software.



  • From the iphones springboard select the cydia app. The cydia app will show up only on a jail broken phone.
  • Then select the manage tab which is at the bottom of the screen
  • Select sources and then select edit
  • Select Add and then in the Add box type in Then select Add source update to finish.
  • Your download is now complete so go back to the cydia app then you select the App Riospy.
  • Then after that select the Riospy Entry button.
  • Select install and then press the confirm button.
  • When the install is complete  select restart springboard and that it your done.

Next you will need to sign up to your online account and register the phone. After that you will need to hide the app from the phone completely. To see more details on this just head to the full installation details on the install page at the top of this site or by clicking here.

Android Riospy Installation

Riospy Android

Step 1  –  The same as for the iphone we need to download and then install the riospy software onto the target phone. With the Androids this is done some what differently though.



  • To install it you need to go to the phone settings and then hit applications and activate the unknown sources button.
  • On the target phone browse to the web address and download Riospy to the target phone. Then open it and click install.
  • Next you need to accept all permissions and then Riospy will install.
  • Once this is done click on the open button to finish the installation.

So that’s it for the android devices but much like the iphone process you will still need to go ahead and sign up for an account and register the phone. Once that is done you will need to hide the application and Riospy icon on the target phone. See here for the full installation instruction that has included screenshots to make the whole process easier to follow.

Riospy – My Final Conclusion

To conclude this riospy review I have added in my final thoughts on the cell spy software.

After I had purchased this spy application I must say I was very doubtful that this would work as almost all of the other ones that I had wasted money on didn’t. To my surprise it worked perfectly and the support was excellent I was extremely impressed not only is it a great software but it is by far the cheapest cell spy software available online.

The support as I said was the very best that I had experienced and the features that it has on offer are quite amazing and 100% accurate. They are so confident that you’ll love it that they actually offer a free trial period which made me feel really confident as well because there is no risk at all.

So do yourself a favor and stop searching for a better spy software because you won’t find a better or cheaper software than Riospy. Why not take the free trial and see how good it is for yourself.

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