How Do I Install Riospy?

Welcome back, I have decided to add in a section on how to install the cell spy software Riospy on the target phone. I will give you a basic rundown for both the iphone and an android phone. To get the full Riospy installation manuals then simply enter your details in the form to the right of this website and they will be emailed to you straight away. —–>

I have also put a detailed section on the iphone installation process with full step by step screenshots to help you out further and you can get to that by clicking here or clicking on the appropriate page at the top of this site. I didn’t forget the androids either so you will also find a full installation step by step process with screenshots here for the people who are going to need to install this software on and android phone.

For all the other types of phone you will need to take a look at the full guides or wait till they are sent to you upon purchase.

See below for the brief rundown on both the iphone and android installation process:

IPhone Riospy Installation

riospy apple


Step 1  –  The first thing to do is to download and install the Riospy software.



  • From the iphones springboard select the cydia app. The cydia app will show up only on a jail broken phone.
  • Then select the manage tab which is at the bottom of the screen
  • Select sources and then select edit
  • Select Add and then in the Add box type in Then select Add source update to finish.
  • Your download is now complete so go back to the cydia app then you select the App Riospy.
  • Then after that select the Riospy Entry button.
  • Select install and then press the confirm button.
  • When the install is complete  select restart springboard and that it your done.

Next you will need to sign up to your online account and register the phone. After that you will need to hide the app from the phone completely. To see more details on this just head to the full installation details on the install page at the top of this site or by clicking here.

Android Riospy Installation

Riospy Android

Step 1  –  The same as for the iphone we need to download and then install the riospy software onto the target phone. With the Androids this is done some what differently though.



  • To install it you need to go to the phone settings and then hit applications and activate the unknown sources button.
  • On the target phone browse to the web address and download Riospy to the target phone. Then open it and click install.
  • Next you need to accept all permissions and then Riospy will install.
  • Once this is done click on the open button to finish the installation.

So that’s it for the android devices but much like the iphone process you will still need to go ahead and sign up for an account and register the phone. Once that is done you will need to hide the application and Riospy icon on the target phone. See here for the full installation instruction that has included screenshots to make the whole process easier to follow.