The Stuff I Liked About Riospy

When I first got Riospy and started using it I found a number of things that really impressed me. So as a part of this riospy review I thought I would list some of the good stuff I found when using the cell spy software.

See below for the full list:

  • Setup and Instructions  –  Unlike other software’s that I have tried to setup this one was very easy. It came with a full PDF instruction manual for each type of phone and it also came with a video showing you the exactly step by step process on how to do it.
  • GPS Tracking  –  I loved this feature as I was able to quickly check where my 16 year old was at anytime. I could then ring her and ask her why she was not at school or where she said she would be. I also would drop her off at the movies and she would not actually go to the movies but rather go to some party and I could find out where she was and then catch her in the act of deceiving me. I would have to say that the GPS tracker is my favorite feature.
  • Support and Tech Help  –  The support that Riospy offers is incredible, they give very detailed help and stay with you until the problem has been fixed. There response time was very fast comparedtot he other cell spy software I had tried in the past.
  • Sms Spying  –  This feature was another favorite of mine, my daughter was getting sms messages very late at night and then deleting them but with this I was able to check on who was sending the messages regardless that she had deleted them.
  • Completely Undetectable  –  This was impressive and very important, the software is completely undetectable to the person you are spying on. I feel that this is a must and I would avoid software’s that don’t have this ability.
  • Very Cheap Price  –  Okay this software was the cheapest by far at only $16.99 per month and you only take it up from month to month so it worked out to be very cheap. There was also no risk at all to give it a try because of the free trial that they offer and money back guarantee after the trial ends. I’m very glad that I got Riospy because it works like a charm.

So as you can see I was pretty impressed with Riospy and I still am to this day. The above listed item are things that I personally found great about this software but I’m sure you will find many more features you love when you get the software. It really depends upon your personal circumstances as to what features you use and which ones you love.