Install Riospy – Android

On this page I have put all the screenshots and a complete step by step guide of how to install the Riospy software onto an Android target phone. I will also explain how to hide the software from the device so when you are tracking Riopsy will be completely undetectable.

See below for the Step:

Step 1: Configure Target Phone

install riospy android

In order for you to be able to install RioSPY on an Android device you will need to set up and configure the target phone to accept apps from unknown sources.

To do so please open Settings, tap on the button that say’s Applications and then click activate Unknown Sources. 

After that is done the software can be installed as it won’t allow it to be installed while the unknown sources is not activated.





Step 2: Download Riospy

install riospy androidOk the next step is to actually download riospy to the target phone and to do this you need to go top the phones internet browser and enter the domain

After that you can then select to download Riospy.

When the download has completed just open the notification window and simply install the software from there.

Next you will see the steps to complete the full install process.







Step 3: Install Riospy

install riospy androidThe nest step is the actual installation of the riospy software onto the target phone.

When you do install RioSPY the target phone will then prompt you to allow and accept all the permissions the cell spy app needs so it can be installed successfully.

What you will need to do is as each permission pops up you just select allow and accept each of the permission and then Riospy will be installed automatically.






install riospy android When all of these have been accepted the application will be installed.

When you see a successful installation screen on the phone which will say something like installation notice successful.

Then once this appears just click on the open button and the install process is completed.








Step 4: Sign up for your Riospy account and register the target device to this new account.

install riospy androidinstall riospy androidNow you will need to access the Riospy interface on the target phone, to do this just Dial: #999* and tap the CALL button to open the RioSPY interface on target device.

Next you will need to Tap the Agree to confirm button that you have the right to install RioSPY to target device and you have read and understood the terms and conditions of use




If You Are New To Riospy Then You Need To Register A New Account

If you don’t have a riospy account yet then the next thing to do is to register one by tapping on the new user button. See below:

install riospy androidinstall riospy androidinstall riospy android


  •   After you have successfully signed up. the next thing to do is to restart the target device in order to hide the RioSPY icon on target phone.
  • When you have created an account directly on the RioSPY interface your device will be registered to this account automatically. You should make sure that you use a valid email address to create the account because later you will be using this account to view the log result, recover passwords if you ever happen to forget it and more.

Login To Existing Account If You Already Have One.

If you have an account in the website RioSPY already then simply tap Login to register the target device to your existing account. See below:

install riospy android






Don’t forget to restart the target device in order to remove the Riospy icon from the phone so it remains undetected.