Install Riospy – iphone

How To Install Riospy On An iphone Device.

Important Pre Installation Notes

  • Before you purchase the Risopy app remember that RioSPY only works on iPhones that have been Jail Broken. Please remember to confirm that the target iphone has been Jail Broken before you continue with this full installation.
  • Jail Breaking an iphone is a very simple procedure that can be completed by anyone and it does not affect the iPhone’s functionality or data stored on the phone in any adverse way.
  • Also you will need to confirm that you know what exact version of iOS is running on your target iPhone.

Check out the Riosy Installation Video below then continue reading for the full instructions to refer to and screenshots:

Download And Install The Riospy Software

install riospy iphoneStep 1:

From the iphones springboard you will need to select the cydia app.

The cydia app will show up only on a jail broken phone. So remember to make sure that the iphone has been jail broken.






install riospy iphone 2Step 2:

Next you need to Select the Manage button which is found on the tab at the bottom of the screen.








install riospy iphoneStep 3:

Now you will need to select the sources button as seen on the screen shot to the left.








install riospy iphoneStep 4:

Now you will need to select the edit button which is located in the top right hand corner of your iphone screen.








install riospy iphoneStep 5:

Select the Add button as it appears at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Selecting Add will now bring up the Enter URL/Cydia/App dialog box.







install riospy iphone 6Step 6:

Now you have the add sources URL dialog box you need to now type in into this box

After you input the URL then simply select the Add Source button






install riospy iphone 7Step 7:

Okay once that is done if you entered the correct URL in the add sources dialog box then the URL verification process and updating sources process will start automatically.

Now just wait for the URL verification and updating sources processes to finish.






install riospy iphone 8 Step 8:

If the URL verification and updating process has completed successfully that means that the download of Riospy is now complete.
Nex t you need to select Return to Cydia to go back to the Cydia App.






install riospy iphone 9Step 9:

Selecting Return to Cydia after the downloading of riospy is complete then this will take you back to the Sources screen.

Once you are at the sources screen just select RioSpy





install riospy iphone 10Step 10:

Now Select the RioSPY entry point button.







install riospy iphone 11Step 11:

When you select the RioSpy option  a screen with all the details of the application will then open up.

Now just select Install from the top right hand corner of this screen.






install riospy iphone 12Step 12:

Next you will then be asked to confirm that you want to install the Riospy application.

Okay so select Confirm from the top right of this screen.






install riospy iphone 13Step 13:

Now after this is done the running and installing processes will now commence.

All you have to do now is just wait for these to be completed.







install riospy iphone 14Step 14:

When the running and installing processes for Riospy are completed just select the Restart Springboard button.





Next We Need To Sign Up For an online Riospy account and Register the Target  iPhone


install riospy iphone 15Step 1:

To do this head back to the springboard and from the iPhone’s springboard you need to select the RioSpy app.






install riospy iphone 16Step 2:

When RioSpy opens up you will arrive on the screen interface which looks like this below:





  • If you don’t have a RioSPY account on the website yet then you will need to select the option to Register to create a new account (see Step 3).
  • If you already have an account on the website already then you simply select Login to register device to your account (see Step 7)



install riospy iphone 17Step 3:

To register for a new account select the create new account option.

See the image to the left:






install riospy iphone 18Step 4:

Then just insert your email address and create a password that you wish to use. After that you need to Select Create Account

see image to the left:






install riospy iphone 19Step 5:

Select Yes to agree Terms of Services







install riospy iphone 20Step 6:

After this device you are targeting is now registered to your account.







install riospy iphone 21Step 7:

Now just Select Login to register device to your account. If you already have a Riospy account from earlier then this is the step to take.

Just register the device you are targeting by logging in.





 install riospy iphone 22Step 8:

Insert email address, password of your account.

Select Login






 install riospy iphone 23Step 9:

Select Yes and agree to the Terms of Services.







install riospy iphone 24Step 10:

Congratulations the device is now registered to your account.





Your account will now bind with the device and ready to work in collected the data.

Attention: When you create an account, your device will be registered to this account automatically. You need to make sure you use a valid email address to create your account because later you will be using this account to view log result that has been collected by the software. Also for recovering your  password if you ever forget it, receive link downloadable Excel back up data…. And one thing more, one account can only be used for one device, it means one email address can only be used for one iPhone.


How To Hide RioSPY in The iPhone Springboard and Cydia

install riospy iphone 25Select Hide Icon From Springboardinstall riospy iphone 26

then Select Yes




After this process the Icon RioSPY will be hidden in Springboard but will still be showed in Packages of Cydia.

To show icon RioSPY again, dial #000*

How To Hide Riospy Forever

Tap Hide Package Forever button to hide RioSPY on iPhone forever.
From now on, RioSPY will begin to work on the target iPhone in stealth mode. There is no sight, no trace of RioSPY in the target iPhone at all it is completely undetectable, even in Cydia and no one, including you, can open RioSPY interface again. Don’t worry, you still can adjust settings via the website by logging in to your security account.

install riospy iphone 27Select Hide Package Forever install riospy iphone 28

Select Yes