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Note: This is a completely unique cell spy software and in this review I will be covering every aspect of this application in great detail.

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See the video below for a quick review I had don on some of the features that this software allows you access to.

Riospy Review – Catch A Cheater – Mobile Spying

I do hope that the quick video review has explained a little about this cell spy software list of powerful features and my initial thoughts on the Riospy software. To learn more about this software then continue reading.

On this site I will be covering a number of details about this mobile phone spy software Riospy and I have put some quick links below to go directly to the section you are interested in. I personally would advise that you read the entire review from start to finish.

Anyway lets get on with the review, so read on and if you have any further questions after you have read through all the information below then head to the contact me page and I will do my best to help you out.

What Exactly Is It?

Well Riospy is a to put it in a quick sentence is a unique one of a kind cell phone spy application. Once you have installed this application on any target phone that you wish to spy on you will then be able to collect all sorts of data including read all sms messages both incoming and outgoing, listen in on live calls word for word, track the phone via a GPS tracker and much much more. There is a full list of features and a brief explanation on each one later in this review.

“To put it briefly Rio spy is the most powerful cell phone spy software on the market and comes with the cheapest price I could find”

This software comes with a Quality guarantee and a 100% money back  guarantee. It can literally be installed on all types of phones like iphones, androids, windows devices, blackberrys and many more.

Why I wrote this review?

Okay, so you are aware I personally searched for a descent mobile cell phone spy software in order to keep an eye on my teenage daughter and after wasting money on many crap applications I finally found Riospy. I have written a detailed rundown on why I needed a cell phone spy software and how I came accross this mobile phone spy software on my about me page.

There is a full rundown on why I needed this software on the about me page but I thought I should tell you the main reason I have written this review. When I first started looking for a review on different types of spy software’s I found all sorts of different reviews that all seemed to be written by salesmen.

I found that there were very little reviews out there that I could actually trust and as you will find out I ended up just having to take a punt and bought around 6 different software until I came across one called Highster Mobile which I must say works quite good and is priced well but is a little more expensive than this one.

As you could imagine I had spent quite a lot of money by know and stayed with Highster Mobile for a while. I ended up writing a review on that software and got thanked by a lot of people for the helpful and honest review. I recently came across this software and thought I would give it a try because it had a few different features and I wanted to install it on a different phone. After installing it I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and the support was so much faster than Highster Mobile. I then looked for a review on it to see if I could contribute and mainly found reviews on the Kia Rio car so I went ahead and started to write this review. I hope this review works out to be as helpful as my last one.

The Riospy FREE Trial

Unlike almost all the other mobile phone spy software’s out there they are actually that confident in there product and it’s features that they offer a full no limits FREE trial. How the free trial works is that you can download the entire software and full installation instruction then go ahead and install it on a phone of your choice to try it out.

riospyYou can then try out all the features for 2 days for Free and the support that they give for you is great as well even though you are just trialing it. After the 2 days you will be sent an email saying that the Free trial is about to end and they give you the option to going ahead and purchase the software at a very cheap price like $16 and you can take the option to get it and subscribe for a license for 1 month right up to a 12 month subscription.

I took the trial and was so impressed how quick and easy it was to install which took me about 3 minutes and the support they gave not to mention how all the features that I tested in the 2 days I had it worked so well that I went ahead and bought it. Which I’m very glad that I did.

It’s not all roses, yes it is a great software but there were a couple of things that kind of annoyed me about it and I explain those things a little further on but you will also see that I have put together a large list of the stuff that I loved about it. In the end this software rocks and the good stuff way outdid the bad.

So continue to read the entire Riospy Review below and next I will be going over the the type of people that would benefit from using this powerful software.

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