Software Features

The Riospy application is chock full of amazing features that makes getting to the truth safe and a complete breeze. Once you get this software you personally will have your favorite few features that you use all the time but there are plenty there if at any time you need them.

The video that you can watch below is just me going over the features at Riospy’s main site so you can learn a little more about them before you read my full descriptions below.

Riospy Review – What Features Come With Riospy
My 2 favorite one’s that I found myself using a lot to keep an eye on my daughter was the GPS tracking feature and the feature where you can read all incoming and outgoing sms messages.

Okay so I listed below all the features and a brief explanation of each one, check it out below:

  • Track GPS Location  –  Risopsy comes with the ability to track the location of the target phone with a GPS tracker. This GPS tracker is a live feed in real time and is presented in an easy to see Google map. By having the Google map integrated with the tracker you can see there exact location or address at a glance.
  • Call Spying  –  You can listen in live to both sides of a conversation whether it is an incoming or outgoing call. You will also be able to record the full call to use as evidence later if required. Remember this is a silent and undetectable monitoring software so they will never know that you are listening or recording the call.
  • Sms Message Spy Feature  –  You will be able to monitor and read all text messages sent or received by the target phone. You will even get a hard copy if requires of each text message.
  • Monitor All Internet Usage  –  Riospy will let you check on the exact websites that have been viewed from there mobile device including browser history and length of time on each site. It will also show you which sites have been bookmarked.
  • Address Book Monitoring  –  Gain complete access to the target phones address book and contact list, you will see what’s there and when a contact is added or deleted from there address book. You will also be able to see all the details for each contact as well.
  • IM Spying  –  You can use Riospy to check on all Instant Messages sent or received by the target phone. It includes all the major social IM services like Facebook, What’s App, imessage, twitter and many more.
  • Multimedia File Spying  –  Spy on all photo’s and videos that are stored on the target phone, you can see who’s sent them and if the video’s or photo’s were downloaded and exactly where from.

So as you can see from the above list of features Riospy has everything covered that you could ever need. To read more about these features ans see more details just click on the link below. If you would like to see what features I personally loved about Riospy then Click Here.

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