What Disappointed Me

So yes there was a couple of things that did disappoint me when it came to Riospy. Although there was very little that I disliked I thought I should add them to this review so you get a clearer picture of what it’s all about.

See below to check out the stuff I didn’t like about Riospy:

  • Unlike other more expensive software you can’t setup specialized alerts on the target phone which would normally allow you to be notified if a specific number that you requested remotely was rung by the target phone or was ringing the target phone.

Okay I know that I did mention that there were a couple of complaints but I really can’t think of anymore than the one above. Everything else about this software is top notch and it does as much if not more than the really over priced software’s out there.

I mean Riopsy really is a complete cell spy software that offer everything except what I listed above and it comes for such a ridiculously cheap price plus you also get a free trial period so I really can’t complain much more.